About the Citizen Science Campus at NC State

NC State is a Citizen Science Campus, which means undergraduate students will encounter citizen science opportunities in many aspects of campus life. We use SciStarter Higher Ed to help you tailor your citizen science experiences to fit your interests. Navigate to our SciStarter Guide page to discover some of the ways students can use their NCSU-SciStarter membership to become involved in the citizen science community at NC State.

What is the vision of a Citizen Science Campus?

  • To offer every NC State undergraduate an authentic experience with scientific research.
  • To help NC State researchers grow the scope and power of their projects.
  • To create knowledge for communities across North Carolina

Want to Know More about Citizen Science?

Check out cluster member Caren Cooper’s TEDx talk “Citizen Science, Everybody Counts,” for a vision of the power ordinary people contribute to science and solving community problems.